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Mascara Wands in Tubes

You know what I mean. They’re everywhere on Etsy, Amazon and E-Bay, and that’s not the only places to find them. Before you click buy, really do shop around or consider making your own.

The idea of putting mascara wands in tubes really kicked off during the Covid pandemic, when it became essentional to show our products as bug and virus free as possible. Yes, I know that therapists, sanitise, deodorise, wash, sanitise again, disinfect and often sterilise as well. But our clients don’t see all that, especially during eyelash treatments.

Clients also like a wee giveaway. It makes them feel just a little special when they leave lash chairs and beds. We’ve tended to buy our mascara wands in bulk packs generally, and then take one out at a time as part of our aftercare for clients in the real world, so adding some packaging that doesn’t cost the earth is important, especially since our materials costs have now gone up in price, as well as the price of heat, light and PPE.

Many therapists have switched to using test tubes as a way to keep their mascara wands clean and tidy and safe to hand over to clients.

There are several options.

Ready Made Mascara Wands in Tubes. Remember that marketplaces can have very high postage prices that far outweight the cost of manufacture, and aren’t always the best options. Some examples below. They may be the right decision for you.

Why not make your own. You can read how to in my Putting Spoolies into Tubes tutorial.

All you need are some test tubes, spoolies and you’re all the bash. You don’t need fancy button tops, although a spot of glue and a cabochon of the right size from a craft shop would do the business, as would raffia, wrapping or even just a pretty button or crystal that fits in the top. The ones from the list above from Amazon, are just spoolies pushed through the cap of a test tube.

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