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Media Kits for Hair Stylists, Beauty Therapists and Holistics Professionals

We tend to hear about media kits as more for bloggers and online professionals, but there are many situations where therapists, stylists, beauty and aesthetics professionals might need to have a media kit that can be used to promote themselves and their businesses.

If your business is picked up in the news, or you want to be shared on bloggers websites, having your own media kit, can make another business decide whether to work with you or not. It’s not all just about making your own way in the world.

Why have a media kit?

The media kit contains information about your, your business, your services and any events that you decide to hold. The information in the media kit, can help journalists, bloggers and your niche writers, to write a story about you. In short, having a media kit you can quickly tailor and amend, makes it makes it easier for you to be featured, that it is for other businesses in your area.

A media kit is usually in digital format these days, and can be either downloadable and sent to interested parties, or viewable online.

Use a media kit to:

  • Send to local newspapers and journalists to tell them about yourself.
  • To send to your media and bloggers, to decide if they want to work with you on future collaborations.
  • Advertising your media kit on your website, helps brands decide if you have enough followers and exposure to include you in press releases, for sponsored content and samples.

What is in a media kit?

This depends on you, however the basics are usually.

  • Who you are, and what you do.
  • Your contact details.
  • A short biography.
  • Some relevant imagery in low resolution images that journalists or bloggers can contact you for high quality images if they decide to use your information.
  • Your social media user names and follower counts.
  • Your website page and unique views.
  • Your website subscribers or mailing list subscribers.
  • If you are publicising an event, add some details to your media kit.
  • Think about adding a testimonial. If you use a template, you can change the media kit to suit each need you have for it, and not be stuck with simply one version that you can’t change.
  • Any awards, or publications or media you have been featured in.
  • Interesting things about you or your business, ie any unique selling points that you have.
  • If you are offering a free service, such as a new hair style or beauty treatment, ensure you send personalised media kits in PDF format to those receiving and stated as non transferrable, otherwise, you might end up with your offer sent out to many other people.

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