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Tutorial – How to make spoolies in tubes. (Mascara Wands)

All you need are some test tubes, spoolies and you’re all the bash. You don’t need fancy button tops, although a spot of glue and a cabochon of the right size from a craft shop would do the business, as would raffia, wrapping or even just a pretty button or crystal that fits in the top. The ones from the list above from Amazon, are just spoolies pushed through the cap of a test tube.

I wrote about this already, but here is a wee tutorial to follow.


  • Mascara Wands (Spoolies) (Lash Brushes)
  • Scissors
  • 10cm Test Tubes
  • Lids for Test Tubes


Push Scissors through lid and twist in a 360 degree circle, to make a little hole.
Push spoolie end firmly through the hole in the cap. It will be fairly solid if you are using a small pair of scissors.
That’s it. Spoolies done, and keeping your clients giveaway spoolies dust and bacteria free.
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