Terms and Conditions

You are purchasing from Salon Templates. Canva Templates will work with a Canva account, where you can easily edit your purchases. Sign up for a free account. Your purchase of a template, will be in the form of a digital PDF and subsequent template for use with a Canva account.

A Canva Free account is a design platform with no design experience needed, and can easily be used with a free account. You can find Canva here, and sign up for a free account. We are not affiliated with Canva in any way..

After buying, you will receive an email with instructions of how to download your PDF image link.  When you download your image, it will also be available in your online download section for 30 days.  Click on that link to open the template in Canva and then save it to your own Canva account.  Canva takes very little time to learn and is a perfect accompaniment to any business which looks to have an online presence, as well as being able to change and print their own design templates.

About Canva Templates

  1. You do not need to purchase any additional elements to use templates, however some elements you choose on editing, may include elements which are part of a pro subscription in Canva.
  2. If you change/use any elements in Canva which are part of pro accounts, and will be labelled as such, you will be required to either buy that image for the product, or buy a subscription to use Canva.
  3. This is a digital product.  You will not receive any physical items.   Any images used as decoration are not included in the sale.

Terms of Use and Refunds

  • Sales of digital products are non-refundable.
  • This template is for your own use only, to print and use for your own home or business, however you cannot resell, give away or use the design in any other way.   If in doubt, please ask.
  • You will have 30 days to download your template, after which time, the link will expire.
  • Salon helper is in no way responsible for any potential legal, financial or moral conditions or otherwise from the use of template consultation forms. You agree to hold Salon Helper or anyone employed or affiliated with Salon Helper, not liable in any circumstances.
  • This template and Salon Helper are not affiliated with, nor linked to Canva in any way.  Templates are created on Canva for your own use only.  Please do not share them with others.
  • This is a template for you to create your own final version of a form, and any content within, is for example only.  You must change the content to match your insurance/business requirements.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all the information required by your insurer is included in your finished version of the form, and the one used with your clients.  Laws and requirements change from country to country, and from area to area within countries.
  • Salon Templates provides a tool in the form of a Canva Template, for which you will amend for your own business purposes. Templates may require you to change the content, for them to meet the conditions that your own insurance company expects for any information you share as part of your business. For example, if a template uses an example of age 16 for minimum age for a treatment, and your insurer only covers you for age 18+, it is your responsibility to ensure the content is amended to suit your own business and contains the right information that you need.