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Nails Aftercare Advice Leaflet

Lovely leaflet with the follow on information for your clients. Tailor the information to suit what you are looking for in your own business/salon, whether you work for yourself, in a salon, mobile or own your own salon. Everyone needs great paperwork to back up their services.

Some of the following aftercare advice is common sense, but it does help to have it added to your consultation form, that you have discussed this with your client, and they have taken away your aftercare advice and signed for it on the consultation form. If you don’t have a spot for this on your consultation form, just add it at the bottom and have your client sign for it.

NB: Always ensure you follow the aftercare advice you were taught in your course, and replace the wording in the document to suit the needs of your business, treatment, insurance and training. We are not responsible for your not amending the template to match your business, training and insurance needs.

The nails aftercare form is in five different colours with representative images. We have purple, blue, pink, green and red in the template, which is fully customisable within a free account on Canva. These make sure you never run out of aftercare leaflets again.

All you need to do, is change the text to suit your business, save the format to your own computer in whichever method and size you wish, then simply print off when you need them. If you want to be extra special, put the name of each client on the form. How impressive would that be?

General Aftercare Advice for nails.

  • Do be careful with your nails.
  • If you look after them, they will stay pretty. If you have extensions, they are still bonding for the first 24-48 hours.
  • DO apply cuticle oil twice a day to keep your nails in tip top condition. Your nail technicial will have a good quality oil for sale.
  • DO wear gloves when cleaning up, washing dishes and doing household chores.
  • DO protect your hands and nails when using chlorine or using fake tan.
  • DON’T pick at the polish or your nails, you will break the seal, as well as damage your lovely natural nail underneath.
  • DO keep up your appointments for infills or removal if you wish to keep your nailbed and nail underneath healthy.
  • DON’T use bleach and other chemicals.

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