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Five Reasons to Send Thank You Cards to Clients!

It’s so easy, especially if we’re buying from people we know, to forget to remind them who we are. If we have a new client, are they loyal to us, or to the cheapest deal on offer. When we think about how we get new customers, it’s usually a repeat of seeing our name or having someone mention us. On average, it takes a person to have seen our businesses about seven times before they commit to pushing the buy button, or making an appointment.

Even more so if we sell online or through Etsy. Etsy keeps buyers addresses and details from sellers, so you can’t really sign them up for future purchases or easily contact them, unless through Etsy itself. Even if you send an invoice with a physical product, it’s going to be hit and miss whether they ever think of you in the future, so we do need to take stock and use what tools we have close to hand.

If you choose to buy editable templates, then you can easily change the wording for any purpose, and just simply print some more off.

So, quickly and easily, this is why you should bother to send thank you cards to your clients.

Why Should I Send Thank You Cards to my Clients? 

  1. To show them you care about them. What better way to say thank you, than saying thank you. Even better if you send a week something off code for their next purchase with you. Letting customers know you appreciate their purchase is a strong marketing tool for the future.
  2. You remind them of who you are. Half of our customers have forgotten us as soon as they’ve made a purchase or bought into a website where we have our online shop based. If they bought on a marketplace such as Etsy, EBay or Amazon, they might not even realise you are a business operating on a platform. That little thank you card can be the tool you need to take your business further. You can direct them to your own website, and give them an opportunity to get to know you and your business more.
  3. The “trust factor.” What better way to show trust, than to show your clients you care. If someone has bought into the idea that small or local businesses need support, and they make the effort to purchase from us, a simple thank you note can help them feel they are making the right decisions, and will carry on with those buying patterns.
  4. It reminds them you haven’t forgotten them. If you send a birthday, anniversary or purchase birthday treat via a thank you, it reminds clients that you are a small business who cares, about them.
  5. Gives you an opportunity to share important information with your clients, such as aftersales support, or treatment aftercare, to ensure you are helping them get the best out of their purchase choices and helping them to remain safe.
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