Peach Client Consultation Form Template – iPAD PDF Stylus Compatible Form for Goodnotes and PDF Annotation Completion


Professional and Classy Client Consultation Form for using on an iPad, or with PDF Annotation apps such as Goodnotes.  Go paperless for your consultations, and save all your forms online.  This form is editable for you to add your own questions and information in a Canva Account.    Once you are happy with the content, simply download as a PDF standard document, and open the PDF in annotation softwear, which will let your client complete the form on an ipad with a stylus to write in the information, then hand the iPad back to you once the form is complete, and you can then sign the form and save as a paperless document.



Perfect for giving to clients to complete in salon, with a stylus on a compatible app, or with instructions before arriving.   What luxury for your client to sit with the form and write it on the iPad.  You also have the option of sending the form as a PDF that they can download, print and fill in before arriving, or complete online or with a PDF Annotation app, and send it to you.

This item includes the Canva Template for you to use the form and brand it to your own logos/colours.  If you use an iPad with Goodnotes at consultation, by giving your client the ipad with a stylus, they can fill it in and give the iPad back to you once they have completed the form.

You and your clients can use highlighter, change colours of the text and highlighter pens, underline, make notes and sign the forms with the stylus.

*There is no physical product shipped. Framed images and ipad images are for representation only.* This is a digital download PDF file, for printing or using with PDF annotation software. Many of us already have the ability with our iPads and iPhones, but ensure your app allows for PDF Annotation.


  • Send to clients to complete, with instructions.
  • Save on your device or print to keep a hard copy.
  • Download a suitable PDF annotation app, and use digitally.
  • Complete, print, erase and use  the master template over and over again.
  • The template can be amended and downloaded in a FREE Canva Account, as images have already been sourced for you to use.


  • Title Page.
  • Client contact details and info.
  • Medical history condition lists for circling or highlighting with the stylus.
  • Page for client to enter any other information and list medication.
  • More information page about you.
  • Copyright.


How to buy and use:

Buy, download, edit and print/upload/send.

How to buy and use:

Buy, download, edit and print/upload/send.

After buying, you will receive an email with instructions of how to download your PDF image link.  When you download your image, it will also be available in your online download section for 30 days.  Click on that link to open the file.  In the file, will be a link to open the file, which will then allow you to download it to your computer, or print it off.

If you are opening a PDF, you may wish to change your print settings to the right size.

About this file: 

  1. This is a downloadable file.
  2. If you are buying a template, and change/use any elements in Canva which are part of pro accounts, and will be labelled as such, you will be required to either buy that image for the product, or buy a subscription to use Canva.
  3. This is a digital product.  You will not receive any physical items.   Any images used as decoration are not included in the sale.

Terms of Use and Refunds

  • Sales of digital products are non-refundable.
  • This template is for your own use only, to print and use for your own home or business, however you cannot resell, give away or use the design in any other way.   If in doubt, please ask.
  • You will have 30 days to download your template, after which time, the link will expire.
  • Salon Templates is in no way responsible for any potential legal, financial or moral conditions or otherwise from the use of template consultation forms. You agree to hold Salon Templates or anyone employed or affiliated with Salon Templates, not liable in any circumstances.
  • This template and Salon Templates are not affiliated with, nor linked to Canva in any way.  Templates are created on Canva for your own use only.  Please do not share them with others.
  • This is a template for you to create your own final version of a form, and any content within, is for example only.  You must change the content to match your insurance/business requirements.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all the information required by your insurer is included in your finished version of the form, and the one used with your clients.  Laws and requirements change from country to country, and from area to area within countries.



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